The year was 2021, and the night was Halloween.

Two officers were dispatched to #309–750 West Broadway after reports about an unprecedented number of people leaving the Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre with skin so gorgeous…it could kill!

It was not the first time that law enforcement had heard about this terrifying phenomenon known as “killer skin”; news reports had been circulating for over 20 years about a Vancouver clinic that had been sending patients home looking so amazing that family members had to do a double-take or were nearly blinded by their overwhelming beauty. However, when the officers entered the clinic, having braced themselves for a bloodbath, nothing in all their years of training could have prepared them for what they saw next…

The clinic was immaculate. There were no screams, no blood, no severed limbs, and not even a single frown in sight. Was it witchcraft? Had they just entered a coven? A cult? Had it been a prank call all along?

No, it was just another day at The Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre.

As soon as they approached the front desk, a gorgeous female staff member looked up from behind the reception desk and politely greeted them both with a smile and an inquisitive “how can I help you officers?”

But the officers had only one question for her:

“What can you tell us about killer skin?”

The clinic fell dead silent, and every single employee stopped and turned to face the officers head on.

They hardly had a moment to collect their thoughts before they turned to see two patient coordinators closing in on them. With perfectly manicured hands they reportedly reached out and gently helped the two officers stand up before they escorted them both off to the nearest consult room…

There are varying accounts of how long they were in there for, and which rooms they were moved into next, but thanks to some reports from eyewitnesses, and a security camera located outside the building, we know one very important fact about that fateful day:

Fact: Both officers left the centre with Killer Skin!

So the real question remains: where are they now? Some say they became models, some say they now run an elite task force of skincare treatment snipers, and some people say they moved to Greece where they have now been immortalized in stone.

Whatever the truth may be, should you ever be so lucky as to encounter them on the street, you should remember this:

Proceed with caution because you might just find yourself face to face with some terrifyingly drop-dead gorgeous skin…

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